1617Hello Fellow Travellers….

I’m Sandra, an enthusiastic and passionate traveller, former Guest House owner and lover of all things hospitality and home exchange from Toronto, Canada.

Thank you for visiting my page. Undoubtedly travelling is expensive – but wouldn’t it be great if you could somehow eliminate the cost of your accommodation. The good news is – you can! And the means to do this is through home exchanging.

I have explored all types of travel accommodations and as the experts agree, home exchanging offers you countless benefits such as a kitchen to prepare meals (and avoid hefty restaurant bills!), extra space for your family to relax and in-home features such as laundry facilities.

Based on my numerous exchanges over the years, I want to share easy ways for you also to enjoy free accommodations. I’ve put together some tips and tricks to teach you how to get the most out of your home exchange. All are outlined in my book, ‘HOME EXCHANGING: Your Guide to Enjoying Free Vacation Accommodations’, published in September 2013.

More recently, I have published a second book that provides everything you need to know before you book a vacation rental in the South. Check out this site for more details.


4 Responses to Home

  1. Tom cate says:

    This is a great site!!

  2. Great blog, Sandra! Thanks for connecting with us on Twitter! Happy travels!

  3. dalma says:

    Amazing blog .. thanks for sharing the wonderful information.

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