Not Even Room for a Skeleton in this Closet!

Almost daily I heacloset3r from travellers who have had amazing experiences with home exchanging. They write in expressing the delights they had with living as a local… being a traveller and not a tourist! True, as you have read from my past blogs, the benefits of home exchanging are numerous. In fact, next to saving money, the second most quoted benefit is having more space in a home than a typical hotel room for a traveller to enjoy and to store their belongings.

Recently, however, a few guests have indicated their frustration as their hosts did not provide any room in the closets for their items. I too have stayed in numerous homes and have often found that the host does not provide any space or hangers in their closets for my clothes. Once I check-in, I like to unpack my clothes to prevent further wrinkling. However, often I am prevented from doing this as there isn’t any space in the closets.

A solution is for the host to partially empty their closets. Simply slide the clothes to one side of the closet and leave spare hangers on the other side. This should not be too great a task as presumably you as a host are travelling and have taken the majority of your clothes with you.

As the same with closets, guests should be provided with a section of drawers for their belongings. It does not have to be the entire dresser but at least one or two drawers.

I also suggest that a host remove everything from the tops of dressers and night stands or at least leave a section clear to allow guests space to put their items.

In defense of hosts, most agree the importance of providing space, but indicate that it simply did not occur to them to do so. This is understandable. Given this, I encourage you to continue to send in your experiences with home exchanging – both good and bad. It is by communicating and ‘exchanging’ information and ideas that home ‘exchanging’ will be a more rewarding and money saving experience for us all.


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