What does ‘Broom Clean’ mean?

broomI received an inquiry from Marion of Halifax asking what the term ‘broom clean’ means. She was in the process of reviewing her rental agreement which indicated that at departure, she was to leave the vacation rental ‘broom clean’.

The expression is frequently used in lease or rental agreements. It requires that at departure, a guest is to have all beds stripped, the fridge emptied, all appliances, countertops, sinks and vanities wiped clean and floors swept and washed.  As well, all trash and recyclables are to be gathered and placed in the location as outlined in the rental agreement.

A benefit to you when you complete a cleaning on departure is that it gives you an opportunity to ensure that you have collected all your belongings!

I hope this clarifies the meaning of this term. It should be noted that failure to comply with this clause in the rental agreement may result in you being invoiced a cleaning service charge or the homeowner holding back a portion of your damage deposit.


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