Home Exchanging Myth #5 – Only Single Detached Houses & Apartments are Available for Exchanging

A Very Unique Stay!

A Very Unique Stay!

For people who crave something different, home exchanging can be taken one step further with a stay in a unique home. One online agency alone that manages home trading offers numerous ‘atypical’ vacation rentals in 192 countries – an amazing number considering that according to the UN, there are 196 countries in the world! Such agencies offer properties that you likely heard of but never imagined as your vacation accommodation.

With home exchanging, you can experience living in a chateau in France once occupied by a Marquis, a cottage in the Cotswold Region of England, a villa in Tuscany or a houseboat off a Caribbean Island. Or how about a stay in one of the following even more unique options… a renovated lighthouse located along the USA’s east coast, a vintage sausage-shaped silver aluminum Airstream trailer, a restored windmill on the Cycladic Islands of Greece or have a true nomadic adventure with a stay in a yurt?!

People often say that one of their fondest memories in life is doing something that is so different. If you feel the same, what better time to satisfy this desire than when on vacation? I often encourage travellers to consider the unique and alternative accommodation as the primary component of their vacation and the destination itself to be secondary.

If you are concerned about spending an entire two week vacation on a houseboat or in a remote villa in a foreign country, you could arrange to make it just a portion of your vacation time. I love to sail but would not want to be on a sailboat for two full weeks as there are for me more stimulating things to see and do on land. I make being on a boat part of my vacation and then spend the remainder of my time exploring something new inland. The flexibility of home exchanging allows you to experience a variety of environments all within the same vacation period.

How about you? What was your most unique vacation accommodation?


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