Home Exchanging Myth #4 – Your Home Needs to be Located in a Large Urban Centre

Far Away from the Urban Bustle!

Far Away from the Urban Bustle!

Many homeowners think that their home has to be located in a large urban centre to obtain bookings. This is not entirety accurate. True, cities like London and Paris have potentially more travellers looking for accommodations but the competition is strong among homes that are listed for renting out through home exchanging.

Should your home be located in a suburban or rural setting, take advantage of the current movement of ‘slow travel’. Highlight your home as a quiet relaxing oasis that your guests can retreat to after spending time visiting the sights and attractions of nearby city.

One major reason we travel is to learn about the cultures and lifestyles of people who live in different parts of the world. What better way to do this than to immerse yourself into a neighbourhood and live among the locals. I’ve always learned more and had a richer experience when I’ve stayed off the beaten track and chosen a vacation rental in an area that caters less to tourists and more to permanent residents. Here is where you find intimate and authentic cafes, bistros and individually owned and operated butcher shops, bakeries, small food markets, flower stores and so on.

Whether you walk around your neighbourhood purchasing items to prepare for dinner in your vacation rental or sit at a small café and people watch, it will be a far better learning experience for you than staying in an internationally owned hotel chain in a city’s downtown commercial area occupied by tourists.

What about you?… Have you stayed in a vacation rental that was located off the beaten path?


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One Response to Home Exchanging Myth #4 – Your Home Needs to be Located in a Large Urban Centre

  1. Andy says:

    I definitely agree, that home exchanging does not always have to take place in the large metropolitan city centers. People have much to benefit from seeing a different side of life by living in the country side or other “slow travel” locations.

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