Home Exchanging Myth #3 – Home Exchanging is Only for Vacationers!

Just like a Hotel!

Just like a Hotel!

During its initial years, home exchanging generally only attracted people travelling for pleasure who required accommodations for several weeks. At that time, home exchanging was used primarily by vacationing couples and families who ‘traded places’, making arrangements to stay in each other’s homes. As you can imagine, the trade required great coordination in arrival and departure times between both parties! Due to this, home exchanging was not considered a viable accommodation option for non-pleasure trips.

With the creation and growth of the internet, home exchanging entered the mainstream and is now not only considered by people planning vacations…. it has become more attractive for people travelling on business, temporary work assignments or sabbaticals. Home exchanging is also popular among solo travellers, couples, people travelling in groups and families including children and elderly relatives.

According to research conducted by VRBO, an online home exchange agency, the average size of a vacation rental is 1,850 square feet. That is 5.7 times larger than the average hotel room of 325 square feet! The space in a vacation rental provides you with separate rooms for living, dining and sleeping, including multiple bedrooms. In addition, there’s usually more than one bathroom!

The large space is especially attractive to people who need an accommodation for an extended period if travelling for business or on a temporary work assignment. A home provides guests with a fixed base, including their own mailbox, telephone line and fax machine. This convenience is priceless for the business traveller. They no longer need to rely on and pay a hotel’s front desk staff for such services. The vacation rental also offers the possibility for the business travellers’ family to join them as it provides more space to accommodate a family than a typical hotel room.

In short, home exchanging is for everyone!


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