Home Exchanging Myth #2 – You Need a Home to ‘Exchange’ to Get Involved.

Based on feedback I have recently received, an obstacle holding some people back from getting involved with home exchanging is that they do not have a home to ‘exchange’ or to ‘rent out’ to a traveller. Some are currently renting their home and their landlord does not allow for subletting. Or for condominium owners, the condo rules may prohibit the short term renting of a unit. Or, as mentioned in a previous blog, the scenario may exist where your home will not be vacant while you are away as you live with your parents or have children still living under your roof, and as such, you are not able to take in guests.

These above scenarios are very common and should not prevent you from getting involved. Home exchanging has evolved over the years to be very flexible. You can be a guest without being a host and similarly, you can be a host and not be a guest. Meaning that the ‘exchange’ can be customized to suit your requirements.

Although it is advantageous for you to be both a host and guest, there are many benefits that you will experience by being either. Benefits that will be reviewed in future blogs!


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