…But what if I don’t have a home to exchange?

You may be asking yourself how you can get involved with home exchanging if you don’t have a home to exchange – meaning that you don’t have a home to offer up to another traveller. A valid question. For example, many young people who live with their parents can arrange a vacation rental for their stay in a foreign city even though they will not be offering their parent’s home to another traveller. As well, parents can book a vacation rental when they want to go on a holiday and leave their 20-something, still-living-at-home kids behind. I also know of people with pets who do not list their homes, as they do not want their pets disturbed with someone new in their home. This is all absolutely fine. Home exchanging, as it has evolved, is so flexible. You can be a guest without being a host and similarly, you can be a host and not be a guest.

The benefits of home exchanging are numerous. And as you will read in future blogs…. the benefits offered in a vacation rental greatly outweigh what a hotel room can provide. And most importantly, a stay in a vacation rental will save you money compared to a stay in a hotel.

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