The Vacation Rental that came with… Nonna!

My last post defined home exchanging, explaining that the host would be absent during your stay. This is not to be confused with a hospitality exchange where a host welcomes guests while they (the host) remain in the home.

Many years ago, I booked a stay in a villa in Umbria and naively did not read the fine print of the listing. Upon my arrival, the host greeted me and gave me a tour of her charming villa which included a private swimming pool, secluded garden and her 89 year old Nonna! The host impassively advised me that she ‘came with the place’, like a chattel! Although initially taken aback, my stay with ‘Nonna’, as she insisted on being called, turned out to be one of the most memorable experiences I have ever had in Italy. I was completely immersed into the Umbrian culture and was exposed firsthand to how Italians from this region truly carry out their daily lives.

For me, the experience remains a very fond memory. The lesson learned though is to read the fine print and to ask questions before you book your stay…


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