Home Exchanging 101…

Let’s start off with defining Home Exchanging?

It is the concept of offering your home to a traveller while you are travelling or absent, in exchange for living in the vacant home of another person who is also travelling or absent.

Home exchanging can take two different forms:

1. It occurs when two travellers make arrangements to stay in each other’s homes. In this scenario, the travellers are trading spaces with each other.

2. Alternatively, and more commonly, home exchanging occurs when multiple travellers are involved… whereby traveller A stays in traveller B’s home, while traveller B stays in traveller C’s home and so on creating a web of connections.

The concept is not new. It is often described as ‘vacation rentals’ and can be in the form of an apartment, condominium, single detached house, houseboat, villa and chateau!


About homeexchanging

Author of 'Home Exchanging: Your Guide to Enjoying Free Vacation Accommodations'. Expert advise on how to monetize your home to pay for your vacation stays. Follow me to learn how!
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